A scenic shot of a New Hampshire lake

Yes! I want to become a Lake Keeper and do my part to keep New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy.


February 2021 Postcard

February is Lake Keeper month in New Hampshire! Lake Keepers are special people, just like you, who make monthly donations as their way to keep New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy.

This year, there’s a special Lake Keeper challenge!

You can help NH LAKES receive a $5,000 challenge grant if YOU and 49 others sign up to be Lake Keepers by February 28.

If 50 people who love New Hampshire’s lakes sign up this month to be Lake Keepers, NH LAKES will receive a challenge donation of $5,000 from generous members of the NH LAKES community.

But there are prizes for YOU too! All Lake Keepers will be entered into drawings every week throughout February.

Prizes include: mugs, wine glasses, t-shirts, and two special Lake Keepers will each win a
Yeti NH LAKES logo tumbler!


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