2014 Spirit of NH Award

NH LAKES Receives Spirit of NH Outstanding Volunteer Champion Award

Organization dedicates award to volunteer Lake Hosts protecting lakes from aquatic invasive species

Photo 1 2014 Sprit of NH Awards Ceremony Lake Host Program

The NH LAKES Lake Host Program was represented by NH LAKES and DES staff and many volunteers at the 2014 Spirit of NH Awards ceremony.


Concord, NH, November 13, 2014 – The New Hampshire Lakes Association (NH LAKES) was recently recognized for its exemplary contributions to volunteerism and to the betterment of life in New Hampshire. On the evening of Monday, November 10, NH LAKES received an Outstanding Volunteer Champion Award at the Spirit of NH Awards ceremony hosted by Volunteer NH at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. NH LAKES was among over 100 different volunteers and organizations from all over the state that were celebrated for their commitment and service to New Hampshire’s tradition of volunteerism.

NH LAKES received the award for its management of the Lake Host Program—an aquatic invasive species education and prevention program that has leveraged tremendous volunteer participation since its inception in 2002. During summer 2014, approximately 500 individuals volunteered a total of 11,000 hours preventing the spread of invasive plants like milfoil and animals like the Asian clam into New Hampshire waters. These unwanted species alter the natural ecology, degrade boating, swimming, and fishing areas, are difficult and expensive to manage, and are nearly impossible to get rid of once they are well-established.

Volunteer Lake Hosts do the following: conduct courtesy boat inspections at the busiest boat ramps throughout the state; teach boaters how to clean, drain and dry their boats and trailers; recruit, train, and supervise teams of local Lake Hosts; and submit important data to NH LAKES. During summer 2014, volunteers contributed to a record-breaking 83,463 courtesy inspections.

Receiving the award on behalf of NH LAKES at the awards ceremony were Shirley and Glyn Green (Lake Host volunteers at Crystal Lake in Enfield since 2002), Andrea LaMoreaux (Vice President of NH LAKES), and Tom Burack (Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services).

“NH LAKES dedicates the Outstanding Volunteer Champion Award to all Lake Host Program volunteers,” declared LaMoreaux. “During the past several summers, these thousands of individuals have eagerly given up their time out on the lake with their family and friends to teach others how to protect our lakes for everyone’s enjoyment,” continued LaMoreaux. “And, we sincerely thank the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for supporting the Lake Host Program. Without the Department’s support, we would not be able to inspire such a tremendous volunteer effort and our lakes would be more vulnerable.”