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Lake Host On Duty

NH LAKES is pleased to offer the Lake Host Program, an aquatic invasive species education and prevention program for the 20th year!

Lake Hosts work at boat ramps throughout the state checking boats for hitchhiking aquatic invasive species, and teaching people about the Clean, Drain, & Dry method to keep invasive plants and animals out of our lakes. Each summer, approximately 400 volunteers and 300 employees are trained to work as Lake Host Inspectors. 

Grant funds and locally-contributed funds are allocated to Lake Host employee paychecks. You can add MORE Lake Host coverage to your favorite lake by making a tax-deductible donation today through Lake Host Charitable Giving! To donate, click here.

Please scroll down to find important information, documents, training videos, and resources for a successful Lake Host season!

Questions or Problems?: Contact lakehost@nhlakes.org or call 603.226.0299.

Payroll Grant Information

Important Documents & Resources 

Required Documents for Volunteers


Training Manuals


Training Videos

  • “Lake Host Program Administration” – REQUIRED for Local Coordinators and Assistants. This video covers all aspects of how to run a successful Lake Host Program at your unique lake! You will learn about the state of aquatic invasive species in our lakes, what to expect from the Lake Host’s staffing or volunteering at your ramp this summer, tips for communicating with Lake Hosts, and how to keep an engaged team all season long.  Duration: 1 hr
  • “Clean, Drain, and Dry to Prevent the Spread” – REQUIRED PREREQUISITE for Lake Host employees. This video explains the importance of preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species and demonstrates how to talk to the general public about why they should care and what they can do to help. Duration: 4 min
  • “How to Lake Host” – REQUIRED for Lake Host employees. This video covers all the in’s and outs’ of working or volunteering at the boat ramp this summer. You will learn about behavior expectations,  basic safety while working outdoors.  Duration: 30 min
  • “Conducting Boater Surveys and Data Entry” – REQUIRED for Lake Host employees. This video provides step by step instructions for how to interact with boaters to conduct a boater survey, how to fill out the boater survey form, and how to upload data through the field app or through Google Sheets. Duration: 10 min
  • “Aquatic Invasive Species Identification” – Optional. This video is hosted by Amy Smagula, the Exotic Species Program Coordinator at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and will discuss how to identify invasive plants and animals that threaten our lakes and how to submit a specimen for identification. Duration: 30min

Want to see how the Lake Host Program did in 2020? Check out our Aquatic Invasive Species Spread Prevention Program Annual Summary by clicking on the images below. Or, to see the whole summary, click here!

2020 Lake Host Infographic

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AIS Spread Prevention Program Annual Summary 2020 1