Advocacy Accomplishments

NH LAKES has initiated or collaborated on many pieces of legislation over the course of its history, many of which have become law and have shaped New Hampshire’s legal and programmatic framework for lake protection. To continuously achieve these positive outcomes, NH LAKES staff, Board and committee members, and partners work closely with the New Hampshire Legislature and serve on a variety of public sector boards, commissions, committees, and councils.

NH LAKES’ most recent key legislative accomplishments include:

  • Protecting loons from toxic lead fishing tackle
  • Improving the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act
  • Increasing the availability of statewide funding for aquatic invasive species prevention and control programs
  • Helping to create more sustainable funding streams for natural resource agencies and water infrastructure projects
  • Supporting the passage of state laws that eliminate or reduce phosphorus in household cleaning products and lawn fertilizer
  • Increasing boater safety

NH LAKES public sector engagement includes membership in the following:

  • Lakes Management Advisory Committee
  • New Hampshire Lives on Water
  • New Hampshire Water Council
  • Public Water Access Advisory Board
  • Shoreland Advisory Committee
  • The State Legislature’s Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species Committee
  • Water Infrastructure Funding Sustainability Commission
  • Water Quality Standards Advisory Committee

If you are interested in participating or representing NH LAKES as a volunteer in this public policy arena, please contact Kelly Buchanan, Advocacy Program Coordinator, at or 603.226.0299.