Advocacy Partners

NH LAKES achieves its mission through effective advocacy, education, and building local stewardship capacity through its membership network. Advocacy is always more effective when the relationship between and amongst the parties–even those with opposing viewpoints–is positive and there is mutual regard and respect. Although we may not always agree with others, we work very hard to convey our positions and supporting rationale in a respectful manner, aspiring to advocate for our positions without doing so in a disagreeable or unprofessional manner. We also greatly value working in partnership and collaboration with our local association partners and our individual members, as well as with other conservation organizations, professional groups, and agencies. Building coalitions and collaborating with others is a key strategy for NH LAKES.

Implementing an effective advocacy program requires patience, persistence, and vigilance. Getting state laws passed – or even amended – can be a multi-year process with many potential compromises along the way. And yet, while it can be a long, drawn-out process, there will be times when speed and responsiveness counts. NH LAKES relies on its membership and partners to be tuned into the legislative process, and is ready to respond and advocate for specific positions when the opportunity arises.

NH LAKES takes the long view and works to continuously improve working relationships with others, while sometimes having to outright oppose specific legislative proposals or projects, or the creation or elimination of laws that would be detrimental to the our lakes or their safe and balanced use.

Advocacy Partners

  • Conservation New Hampshire
  • Loon Preservation Committee
  • More than 100 Local Lake, Watershed, and Pond Associations
  • Our 1,000 individual Members
  • The New Hampshire Rivers Council

Professional Affiliations

  • Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce
  • Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Lakes Region Tourism Association
  • NH Center for Nonprofits
  • NH Council on Fundraising
  • North American Lake Management Society