Advocacy Priorities


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Thank you to everyone who filled out the 2017 Advocacy Survey. This annual exercise helps the NH LAKES staff and directors better inform our public policy and advocacy priorities and strategies. We asked survey respondents to prioritize four areas of lake management and protection and then asked a series of more specific questions relative to each issue.  

The survey results largely confirmed for us our highest priories with regard to the threat of aquatic invasive species and the impacts of stormwater runoff (polluted runoff water). We have been, and will continue to be, active through our advocacy and education programs relative to aquatic invasive species prevention. We are also planning to step up our programming relative to polluted runoff water management—stay tuned!

The survey results indicated a growing awareness and concern about the effects of climate change—specifically, changes in temperature and regional precipitation patterns—on our lakes. NH LAKES is paying close attention to the research about the impacts of climate change on our lakes. We intend to work with others who share our goals of ensuring that lake management practices adapt to these changes.

The survey results also indicated concerns about safety on our lakes; however, approximately 50 percent of respondents ranked this issue as the least important of the four presented for NH LAKES to address. This area of advocacy has always been a difficult space for us to work in, primarily because people—our members included—have such varied interests in how they recreate on the water. When NH LAKES does advocate on lake uses, we do so based on, and with reference to, available safety data. We also work to empower our local association partners so that they can effectively navigate and engage in the safety (and other) rule making processes.

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