Advocacy Priorities

Thank you to everyone who filled out the 2018 Advocacy Survey this past fall. This annual exercise helps to inform our public policy and advocacy priorities and strategies and helps us to be more effective lake advocates. As with previous years, we asked respondents to prioritize four areas of lake management and protection and then asked a series of more specific questions relative to each issue. To review the complete results of the 2018 Advocacy Survey, click here. 

NH LAKES 2018 Advocacy Survey Overall Lake & Watershed Management

Priority Rankings by % Respondents



(most important)

(least important)


(least important)

(least important)

A. Preventing and managing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS)









B. Protecting and improving water quality









C. Maintaining a safe lake experience









D. Adapting to changes in temperature and regional precipitation patterns to protect lake quality









The survey results were essentially consistent with past results, affirming for us that the issues we have been working on are the priorities of our members. ‘Preventing the further spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS)’ remains, by far, the highest priority followed by ‘protecting and improving water quality.’ In this survey we were able to drill down to get a better understanding of perspectives on boat washing to prevent the spread of AIS, the relative importance of specific sources of pollution from lands adjacent to or near lakes, and on-water recreation activities.

We found it encouraging that survey respondents repeatedly used phrases in their comments such as ‘stormwater runoff” and ‘polluted runoff’’ to describe their concerns about how human activities on the landscape are negatively affecting the health of our lakes. Acknowledging that we are part of the cause of this pollution helps us to move more quickly to solutions. Advocacy is part of the solution, along with the work that we do together around our lakes.

We received many comments about wakeboard boats. There is a growing number of people who are concerned about these types of boats being operated in such a way that they create unsafe conditions for other on-water uses, cause damage to docks and other infrastructure, or possibly damage and erode shorelines. NH LAKES has been seeking data on wakeboard boat impacts and we are communicating regularly with the New Hampshire Marine Patrol, recreational watercraft trade organizations, and our members and local association partners around the state. We will stay with this issue, seeking to learn more and determine how we can effectively influence and improve the situation. And, we continue to appreciate your input and feedback on this issue, and all lake issues, throughout the year.

To review the complete results of the 2018 Advocacy Survey, click here. 

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