Board Andre A. Hunter

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Andre A. Hunter

Director, Newbury

After successfully selling their travel planning business several years ago (founded and run with his wife Kelly for 20 years), Andre is currently doing private consulting and is devoting most of the rest of his time to supporting other nonprofit organizations. He serves as Board President of the Mianus River Gorge Inc., is a board member of the US Rowing Foundation, President of the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing, and a member of the Dartmouth Athletics Advisory Board. Prior to his career in the travel business, Andre spent 10 years in banking and real estate investment in New York. Andre and his wife graduated from Dartmouth College and both subsequently received MBAs from the Tuck School at Dartmouth. In 2010, Andre and his wife bought a second home in Newbury, and are fortunate to enjoy wonderful views of lakes Sunapee, Todd, Massasecum, Blaisdell and Mountainview—reinforcing his resolve on how important the quality of the lakes are in the state. They enjoy all of the seasons in New Hampshire, and are avid skiers, hikers, and kayakers.