Let’s Get the Lead Out, NH!

When loons ingest the metal lead, they die a painful but certain death. One of the primary ways that loons are exposed to lead is through eating fish (their primary food) that have lead tackle in them. Let’s Get the Lead Out, NH!” is a grassroots campaign to help protect loons and other waterbirds from lead poisoning. The health of the waterbird population in New Hampshire will depend on the extent to which local groups (lake, pond, river and watershed associations and angler groups), individual anglers, and retailers join the campaign and pledge to take action to get the lead out of fishing.

Through the “Let’s Get the Lead Out, NH!” campaign:

  • local groups are provided with information and tools to host lead fishing tackle collection and exchange events.
  • anglers are encouraged to use lead-free tackle.
  • retailers are encouraged to stock lead-free tackle.

Lead poisoning in our waterfowl is preventable. Alternatives to lead tackle are readily available and inexpensive.

This campaign is coordinated by NH LAKES with support from the Loon Preservation Committee.

To learn more about the campaign and to take action to get the lead out of fishing, and click here.

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