Summer Youth Employment Program

The NH LAKES Summer Youth Employment Program is an education and employment program that engages financially-disadvantaged and academically at-risk high school students in projects that encourage lake and watershed stewardship in their community.

Projects include serving as Lake Hosts at boat ramps teaching boaters how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, installing lake-friendly landscaping projects that reduce runoff water flowing into nearby waterbodies, stenciling stormdrains with messages to discourage the dumping of pollution, installing rain barrels to collect roof runoff water, participating in lake shoreline and river bank clean-ups events, and more!

Through the Summer Youth Employment Program, students are also engaged in hands-on activities learning about lake ecology and management, natural resource jobs, and their local watershed community.

The Summer Youth Employment Program was initiated by NH LAKES in 2009 with funds from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act through the Workforce Improvement Act. Since 2010, the program has been supported in select communities by foundation grants.

If you are interested in bringing the Summer Youth Employment Program to your community, contact us at or 603.226.0299.
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