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NH LAKES supporters care deeply about keeping our lakes clean and healthy. They understand everyone has a part to play in maintaining and improving the quality of our lakes. Know you are doing your part by joining this rapidly-growing proactive community of lake enthusiasts today!

At NH LAKES, your love for New Hampshire’s lakes turns into actions to protect them. By joining NH LAKES, you will ensure our lakes have a voice at the State House. You will be investing in programs to improve water quality and prevent the spread of invasive plants and animals. As a supporter of NH LAKES, you will be joining a growing community of people dedicated to keeping New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy for years to come.


Individual and Family Supporter Benefits:

  • A print edition of “New Hampshire Lakes and YOU! A guide to clean, healthy, and safe lakes.”
  • Our newsletter, Lakeside, issued quarterly. Each issue includes articles about lake and watershed conservation and management, current lake-related news in New Hampshire and beyond, and our advocacy work. All NH LAKES members receive a subscription to this newsletter. To view back issues of Lakeside, click on the links below.
  • Our e-Newsletters—Shorelines and Advocacy Alert—which offer critical lake news and valuable resources.
  • A NH LAKES sticker.

NH LAKES works with more than 100 local partners, finding new ways to protect the lakes we love. We help groups pursue lake-friendly policies in their local community to improve lake health. Our partners receive resources, guidance, and consultations from NH LAKES staff and experts on a number of topics. They also have access to a number of conservation and outreach programs including the award-winning Lake Host program, our LakeSmart program, and more.

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Association partners include local lake, pond, and watershed associations, camps, conservation commissions, garden clubs, and similar groups.

Clean and healthy lakes are good for business in New Hampshire. They support a vibrant local and statewide economy and create jobs. And, they are a large part of our state’s identity.

NH LAKES promotes healthy lake practices reaching thousands of lake enthusiasts statewide. Many of these are property owners who require services, including legal, real estate, property management, lake management, watercraft repair and storage, and much more.

You can connect to this community and help protect the lakes of New Hampshire by becoming a business partner of NH LAKES.


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Two young kids and a dog sitting on a boat on a New Hampshire lake
A group of people on a beach at night around a fire
Man enjoys the sun while in an inner tube on a New Hampshire Lake