Lake Host Inspector Position


Are you interested in saving lakes? Become a Lake Host Inspector this summer and make a difference in your community!  Being a Lake Host Inspector is a fun way to get outdoors, meet others in your community, and help protect lakes and ponds from aquatic invasive species!

Check out the full position description below, or inquire about a Lake Host Inspector position in your community by completing the form found here. 

Note: NH LAKES will refer your inquiry to local Lake Host coordinators in your specified areas. If that coordinator is looking to add to their Lake Host team, they will contact you directly. Completion of the form does not guarantee a position is available in your area.

2018 Lake Host Inspector Position Description

A Lake Host Inspector represents NH LAKES and the local organization that is
participating in the Lake Host Program. A Lake Host Inspector may be a volunteer or NH LAKES employee (temporary/seasonal) who staffs a local boat access site for a local pond, lake, or watershed association or municipal committee.
Lake Host Inspectors educate the public on aquatic invasive species and how to prevent their spread. Visitors to the access site recognize Lake Host Inspectors as someone ‘official’ that is cooperative and friendly. For this reason, all volunteers and employees are required to be in uniform (wearing the blue shirt or sweatshirt and a smile) while on duty at the access site.
Lake Host Inspectors are not enforcers of local or state ordinances, rules, or laws. Lake Hosts are encouraged to provide boaters with courtesy information about state and local laws, rules, and ordinances in a nonthreatening manner, but should not attempt to: enforce boater adherence with any applicable laws, rules, ordinances; deny boater access to the waterbody; or threaten to report boaters for any potential violations.

The ideal Lake Host Inspector: is able to maneuver oneself around for the visual and tactile examination of all exterior surfaces and undersides of boats and trailers; is willing to learn about aquatic invasive species; is comfortable interacting with strangers; is friendly and polite and has a sense of humor; is cooperative, task-oriented, and self-motivated; is equipped to work outside safely in a variety of weather conditions; is able to work independently as well as collaboratively; is able to accomplish tasks professionally and efficiently and able to deal productively with ‘down time’; and, is committed to providing fact-based information regarding aquatic invasive species prevention.

Minimum age: 18. Exceptionally mature and independent 16- and 17-year-olds may be considered for work in pairs or with experienced inspectors.

  1. Appearing in uniform and greeting all launching and departing boaters and visitors to the access site.
  2. Asking survey questions, recording responses, and distributing program-related educational materials.
  3. Conducting courtesy boat and trailer inspections (with boaters’ permission) and inviting the boater to assist.
  4. Following protocols for removing aquatic plants/animals from boats/trailers and collecting suspicious specimens.
  5. Encouraging boaters to clean and drain out all water from vessels and recreational gear between waterbodies.
  6. Thanking the boater when finished and asking him/her to conduct their own inspection between waterbodies.
  7. Attempting to identify species during down time, and notifying the Point Person of potential invasive species.
  8. Calling the local supervisor’s attention to ‘suspicious’ specimen bags that need to be submitted for identification.
  9. Neatly completing all necessary paperwork (boater survey information, timesheets or volunteer match sheets).
  10. Other related duties as assigned by the local supervisor and approved by NH LAKES.


  • A paid Lake Host Inspector is an employee of the New Hampshire Lakes Association (NH LAKES).
  • Locally, all Lake Host Inspectors (volunteer and employed) are directed by the local Point Person for the local organization participating in the Lake Host Program, but are ultimately accountable to NH LAKES.
  • The local Point Person or Lake Host Manager will set the weekly ramp schedule.
  • Inspectors will collect data, neatly complete all paperwork, and collect suspicious plant or animal specimens in bags provided by NH LAKES and will properly label bags.
  • The local Point Person/Manager will collect specimen bags and paperwork and will submit these items as required. Point People/Managers will regularly check in with employees and volunteers at the access site to provide performance feedback.
  • If the Lake Host Inspector is injured while staffing the ramp, they should seek medical attention and notify the Point Person/Manager as soon as possible.
  • Employees and volunteers are welcome to contact NH LAKES with questions comments or concerns not addressed by or appropriate for the local Point Person.


  • Paid positions are temporary/seasonal positions that include statutory benefits, but do not include health insurance benefits.
  • Employees that are projected to earn more than $5,000 in 2018 can elect to participate in the NH LAKES retirement plan through which NH LAKES will match the employee’s salary reduction contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to 3% of the employee’s compensation.
  • The hourly rate of pay will be determined by the local participating group and must be approved by NH LAKES.
  • Hours worked per week will be determined by the local Point Person, but may not exceed 40 hours during the 7-day work week. This position is not eligible for overtime pay.
  • Employees 16 or 17 years in age may not work after 8pm or before 6am, or for more than 6 consecutive days.
  • The cash-equivalent of Lake Host volunteer time ($24.12) will be counted towards the local match requirement.
  • No individual can serve as a paid Lake Host Inspector and volunteer Lake Host Inspector within a calendar year.

NH LAKES is an independent, non-profit, member supported organization. Our mission is to keep New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy, now and in the future. We work with partners, promote clean water policies and responsible use, and inspire the public to care for our lakes.

The Lake Host Program is a collaborative effort between NH LAKES, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, access site owners and local associations to educate the public and prevent the spread of aquatic invasive plants and animals in New Hampshire’s waterbodies.