Protect lake life on NH LAKES!


Life on, in, or by one of our 1,000 lakes is a major part of the New Hampshire identity. Whether you live on the lake or you’re a frequent visitor, you have a partner at NH LAKES. Our cause is your cause – to protect your favorite lake and inspire the responsible care and use of the lake for current and future generations.

The health of the lakes is of the utmost importance. Your lake faces an increasing number of threats from aquatic invasive species, polluted runoff and poorly done shorefront development.

At NH LAKES, we’ve been at this for over 25 years, and Lake Book Cover for Adwe want to share some of the healthy lake practices we’ve learned with you and your family, and encourage you to become a member of NH LAKES.

Join NH LAKES today and receive a published copy of “New Hampshire Lakes and YOU! A guide to clean, healthy, & safe lakes.” This publication details healthy lake practices, as well as ways to get involved, safe boating tips, resources, contacts, and more!

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