Welcome Lake Hosts and Local Coordinators

You're protecting the lakes we all love from
aquatic invasive species

You play a crucial role in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species into our waterbodies. With over 1,000 lakes and ponds in New Hampshire, it’s a big job! 

With that in mind, we’ve built this platform for you, Lake Hosts and Local Coordinators, which provides all the information you need to do your job.

Thank you for your interest in joining this incredible community of lake heroes protecting the incredible lakes we all love.

If you have questions about the Lake Host Program, please reach out to Kat Kelleher, Conservation Program Coordinator, at lakehost@nhlakes.org or 603.226.0299.

In 2023 You Helped Accomplish...

83,000+ Boat Inspections
872 Lake Hosts on Our Lakes
9 Invasive Species Removed

What are you waiting for? Join the team!

Join a community of nearly 700 Lake Hosts throughout the state, serving as the frontline of defense on our lakes, stopping the spread of aquatic invasive plants and animals. 

Making saves for over 20 years

Since the Lake Host Program began in 2002, Lake Hosts have inspected nearly 1.5 million boats and made over 1,500 saves of exotic invasive species trying to hitchhike into our out of our lakes. 

2024 Boater Survey Data

Want to know how many boat inspections have been conducted at your local ramp or curious what’s being done across the state?

Spreading the word, one boater at a time

Lake Hosts increase awareness among boaters, anglers, boat ramp owners, and the general public about the problems aquatic invasive species cause and how to prevent their spread through the Clean, Drain, and Dry method.

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