Working together for the lakes we all love.

Water Quality

What You Can Do Today

Image of a cyanobacteria bloom on a lake

Learn about toxic blooms in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to approximately 1,000 lakes and ponds—some of the cleanest and healthiest lakes in the country. However, in many of our lakes, there has been a downward trend in water quality over recent years. What happens on your property affects the lake—whether you live along the lake or miles from it. Our LakeSmart Lake-Friendly Living Program helps ensure future generations inherit a lake with a healthy future.

Prevent the spread of invasive species

There are approximately 90 lakes and rivers in New Hampshire infested with invasive species. Invasive species are organisms that thrive in an area where they did not evolve naturally and cause harm to the environment, economy, or people. 

Image of young girl swimming with invasive species of plants in a lake
new hampshire state house

Advocate for the future of New Hampshire lakes

Through our advocacy program, we give lakes a voice in the New Hampshire State House. During the New Hampshire legislative session, we rely on individuals close to and passionate about lakes to reach out to elected representatives by making calls and writing letters. We also call upon individuals to attend hearings, sign in for or against bills, and give testimony.

What's happening now...