Our Core Issues

Our overarching advocacy goal

NH LAKES is mobilizing a statewide network of lake advocates. We’re building a coalition of concerned and supportive leaders working together. We work to implement public policies and laws at the state and local levels that restore and preserve the health of our lakes. 

Through our Public Policy & Advocacy Program, we give lakes a voice in the New Hampshire State House.

Stay in the know.

During the New Hampshire legislative session, we rely on individuals close to and passionate about lakes to reach out to elected representatives by making calls and writing letters. We also call upon individuals to attend hearings, sign in for or against bills, and give testimony. You can help by signing up to receive our emails. Our Advocacy Alert is a periodic e-newsletter that informs you on state policies affecting our lakes and the state legislative process. When NH LAKES needs advocacy support, readers are asked to contact legislators on specific bills or policy issues. Sign-up for our e-newsletter here.

Core Issues

Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Management

NH LAKES works on laws and policies to provide resources and funding for preventing and managing non-native aquatic invasive species that threaten our lakes.

Polluted Runoff Water

NH LAKES works on laws and policies that help prevent or manage polluted runoff water, a leading cause of water quality problems in New Hampshire.

Image of water running and streaming into larger and separate body of water.
Native Shoreland Riparian Buffer Plantings for New Hampshire 2

Shoreland and Wetland Protection

NH LAKES works with legislators, state agencies, organizations, and others to create state and local policies that protect water quality by maintaining healthy shorelands and wetlands.