Our Local Partners

NH LAKES works with thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups, many of them focused on just one lake or a group of lakes connected by watershed or by community. These local partners are essential to achieving our shared mission of restoring and preserving the health of New Hampshire’s lakes.

NH LAKES is here to provide support for your lake conservation and organizational needs. You can learn about the benefits of partnering with NH LAKES here.

Want to become a partner or renew your support? Download a printable form here. Or, you can contact our office at info@nhlakes.org or 603.266.0299


Individuals, families, or groups of people who love our lakes. People like you who live, work, and play on our lakes.

Larger Organized Groups

such as lake, pond, and watershed associations.


Municipalities and their respective boards and committees, such as Conservation Commissions.


Other conservation organizations, including land trusts, whose missions overlap with ours

Our Local Association Partners