Watercraft Cleaning Station

No Lake Host? No problem!

Our mobile, solar-powered CD3 is visiting public boat ramps throughout the state helping boaters prevent the spread of invasive species. NH LAKES deployed the first waterless watercraft cleaning unit in the Northeast—the CD3 Clean, Drain, Dry & Dispose Unit!

It is difficult for boaters to clean, drain, and dry out every last drop of water from boats. Good news! There are tools and equipment that can help.  

If you’re a boater and see the CD3 Unit, it is there to use. We know you like a clean boat and lake! Using the CD3 Unit, you can easily clean, drain, and dry your boat, trailer, and gear to prevent the spread of invasive species.

It’s FREE and easy to use!

Our CD3 unit is equipped with hand tools to help boaters remove plant fragments and other debris.

  • A wrench is provided to help open drain plugs to remove trapped water that may contain microscopic invasive animals.
  • A wet/dry vacuum allows boaters to remove standing water trapped in bilges, live wells, and storage compartments.
  • And, a blower is provided to help fully dry any areas that came in contact with the water.

We Need Better Prevention Tools for our Lakes

Access site owners and local partners at boat ramps around the state can showcase this innovative technology and help inspire communities to provide such tools at local boat ramps.

We thank the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and several generous donors for making this project possible.

Want the CD3 at Your Lake?

If you want the CD3 unit to visit a boat access site in your area, please fill out our inquiry form here.