The Watershed Warrior Program

Is your group looking for a way to inspire the next generation of lake care takers in your community? Bring the Watershed Warrior Program to your next community event!

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young watershed warriors
Watershed warrior jul 21 2018

How the Program Works:

Participants travel through the six activity stations. They experience hands-on fun while learning about lake ecology and simple everyday things that can be done to help keep lakes healthy. At the end of the circuit, participants have the opportunity to become a ‘Watershed Warrior’ by pledging to do at least one lake-friendly activity daily.

All Watershed Warriors earn a multicolored patch and certificate. The program can be tailored to the age of your group (programs can be adapted K-12) and your event schedule.

Watershed Warrior Activity Stations:

  • Station 1: How do lakes form?
  • Station 2: How does water move around?
  • Station 3: Reduce watershed runoff and pollution!
  • Station 4: What lives in and around the water?
  • Station 5: Prevent the spread of the invasives!
  • Station 6: Take the Watershed Warrior Pledge!

Bring this program to your community in one of the following ways:

Option 1: Borrow the activity station kit from NH LAKES and recruit volunteers from your group to run the program. NH LAKES provides training free of charge, and the kit comes complete with all materials and simple instructions.

Option 2: Purchase your activity station kit and run the program on your own. NH LAKES staff provides training for free, and you purchase your own kit.


For more information, or to make a request to bring the Watershed Warrior activity circuit to your community, contact Erin Mastine, NH LAKES Outreach Manager, at