Legislative Session

Legislative Sessions

NH LAKES works with New Hampshire legislators, state agency staff, and partners to submit and support bills that will help restore and preserve our lakes. While NH LAKES takes strong positions of support or opposition on some bills, we also track many bills as they move through the legislative process, so we can respond if they become essential to our cause. Learn more about some of the bills we support and track.

We give lakes a voice at the State House and help advance lake-friendly policy.

See what happened with bills NH LAKES tracked in previous New Hampshire Legislative Sessions:

What you can do:

New Hampshire State House

Join the Lake Advocates Network

NH LAKES is mobilizing a statewide network of lake advocates working with their community to initiate and support public policies and laws that restore and preserve the health of our lakes.

Vote Like Your Lakes Depend On It

While we work hard to advocate for New Hampshire’s lakes, only with your support can we advance legislation in the State House.

Vote like your lakes depend on it

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Learn How to Advocate Effectively

Being proactive in the New Hampshire legislative process can be easy with the help of NH LAKES!