A New Hampshire lake during summer

The Lake Host Program

Clean water, happy wildlife, and stable property values depend on a healthy lake, free of invasive species. The NH LAKES Lake Host Program is the first line of defense in keeping our lakes free of invasive plants and animals.

Lake Hosts offer free complimentary boat inspections and teach boaters about the Clean, Drain & Dry method for aquatic invasive species prevention.

They also protect your lake by capturing the invasive species that hitchhike on boats, trailers, or recreation gear before they can ruin the lake you love. Curious to see what ‘saves’ have been made recently? Click here!

You can expect to see a Lake Host on duty at some of the most popular boat launch sites in New Hampshire. Look for the iconic Lake Host uniform—a royal blue t-shirt and a big smile!

  • Bring the Lake Host Program to your lake: For information about the 2022 Lake Host Payroll Award Program and to apply – click here! Applications will be accepted until Monday, March 28, 2022.
  • Donate to the Lake Host Program at your lake: You can add MORE Lake Host coverage by making a tax-exempt charitable contribution today. Click here to donate!
  • Become a Lake Host: Protect your lake while having fun working outside! Paid and volunteer positions available. Click here to inquire.

Where can you expect to see a Lake Host on duty? Check out our interactive map below or simply look for the iconic Lake Host uniform—a royal blue t-shirt and a big smile!

2020 Lake Host Infographic

lake host on duty map

lake host program nh lakes