Lake Host Program


HPIM0595.JPGThe Lake Host™ Program is a courtesy boat inspection program administered by NH LAKES in cooperation with local participating groups to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species, plants and animals, from waterbody to waterbody.

Infestations of invasive species such as variable milfoil and Asian Clams in our waterbodies are undesirable because: they make recreation in and on the water dangerous and unpleasant; they disrupt the ecological balance of waterbodies; they reduce shoreline property values; and they are difficult and expensive to control.


Trained Lake Hosts staff boat ramps to:

  • Educate visiting boaters about aquatic invasive species (plants and animals)
  • Conduct a brief boater survey
  • Teach boaters the “Clean, Drain & Dry” method for preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species
  • Conduct courtesy boat and trailer inspections to remove all hitchhiking aquatic invasive species
  • Send suspicious species fragments to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for identification

Since 2002, hundreds of paid and volunteer Lake Hosts have conducted more than 761,735 courtesy boat inspections and have made more than 1,515‘saves’ of aquatic invasive plant or animal specimens that were about to enter or had just left a waterbody.

NH LAKES Lake Host Summary 2002 to 2015

2015 Lake Host Progam suspicious species identifications

Lake Host Program for ramps open to the general public:

The Lake Host Payroll Grant Program is open to groups (lake, pond, river and watershed associations, municipalities, and other community groups) that pledge to staff boat ramps open to the general public. NH LAKES provides (‘sets aside’) grant funding to cover the salaries and benefits of individuals hired as NH LAKES employees to work as Lake Hosts at local ramps open to the public. Participating groups are required to match their payroll award by a minimum of 100% by providing volunteer labor and/or by contributing funding to extend Lake Host employee coverage at their ramp. Funding for the payroll grant award programs comes from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ Exotic Species Prevention Grant Program which is funded by a portion of the revenue generated by in-state boat registration fees. Funding for the payroll grant program also comes from foundations and local sources.

Lake Host Program for ramps not open to the general public:

Community groups, marinas, and owners of ramps not open to the public are invited to participate in NH LAKES Lake Host Program on a non payroll-grant award basis. NH LAKES can hire individuals to work as NH LAKES Lake Hosts at these ramps not open to the general public, provided that the local group provides funding to cover salaries and associated taxes, statutory benefits including insurances, and payroll fees.

For more information: e-mail us or call us at (603) 226-0299.

2016 Lake Host™ Payroll Grant Program

We are pleased to offer the Lake HostTM Program, one of the nation’s premier aquatic invasive species education and prevention programs, for its 15th year during summer 2016!

We invite groups that have participated during previous years and new groups to apply for a payroll grant award to implement the program at boat ramps open to the public on lakes, ponds, and rivers throughout New Hampshire.


If your group missed the 2016 application deadline and is interested in participating in the Lake Host Program, email

  • Postmark Date: Monday, March 21, 2016
    Mail to: NH LAKES, 14 Horseshoe Pond Lane, Concord, NH 03301


  • By 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 22, 2016 (pending Governor & Executive Council approval): Notification of award to applying groups via email.






  • We hosted 7 formal training sessions for Lake Hosts and Point Persons in May and June.
  • For more information on training options for the remainder of this summer contact NH LAKES.