Brea Arvidson

Director of Programs

Brea comes to NH LAKES as an accomplished aquatic biologist with nearly a decade of experience specializing in water resource monitoring and management. She designs and implements comprehensive lake monitoring and management programs, fosters community engagement, and collaborates with communities for innovative solutions to preserve and protect local water resources. 

With a B.S. in Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology from the University of New Hampshire, Brea brings a relevant academic background complemented by her professional experience. As Co-Chair of the Communication and Development Committees at the North American Lake Management Society and a Plant Conservation Volunteer with Native Plant Trust, she actively contributes to the scientific community and engages with local partners. With certifications, achievements, and a native understanding of New Hampshire’s water resources, Brea is personally and professionally committed to NH LAKES’ mission. 

In her free time, she seeks new experiences with her two German shorthaired pointers, enjoys quiet flatwater kayaking, and plays in various musical groups.