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Septic Systems for Healthy Lakes

Keep the Love for Lakes Flowing in February With Proper Septic System Maintenance

February isn’t just about chocolates and roses—it’s also the month to show some love to your septic system. Although the winter weather isn’t quite over, snow and ice are beginning to melt, saturating the soil and potentially causing septic issues. Problems with septic systems can lead to nutrients and bacteria seeping into groundwater and finding their way into our lakes. And, no one wants their septic system backing up! Properly maintaining your septic system is crucial for your home and healthy lakes.

Regular Inspections are Vital

Since you should keep your septic accessible year-round, February is a great time to invite your septic maintenance person to your property. Increasing snowmelt gives you and your septic company the opportunity to observe your system for any unpleasant smells, especially near squishy areas around your system. A thorough inspection by a licensed professional covers every inch of your system, including tanks, valves, and leach fields. These inspections can uncover issues that aren’t yet causing noticeable problems, preventing them from escalating into costly disasters.

There are many benefits of pumping your tank and getting it maintained regularly, such as:
*Protecting your family, your home, and your wallet from system backup
*Safeguarding your property value
*Keeping excess nutrients, bacteria, and other pollutants (such as pharmaceuticals) out of our lakes

Don't Wait Until it's Too Late

Reach out to your septic company early to secure your spot on their busy schedule if you aren’t on a proper maintenance schedule already.

The frequency of pump-outs and inspections depends on your system’s size, type, and usage. If you need help finding someone, find a professional through the Granite State Onsite Wastewater Association’s tool.

And, it’s not just about what happens underground; your actions above ground matter, too. Being mindful of what goes down your drains and what activities you do on your leach field can also significantly impact your system’s health. Check out more septic do’s and don’ts here.

Make Septic Care Part of Your Lake-Friendly Living Plan

NH LAKES can give you personalized recommendations (including septic information) on how to live in a more lake-friendly way through the LakeSmart program! Start your LakeSmart journey with a 15-minute self-assessment at We will work with you to help you achieve the LakeSmart award!

To be eligible for the LakeSmart award, a licensed septic professional must inspect your entire septic system within the last ten years and find it in good standing.

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