Lake Hosts – Making a Difference for the Lakes We Love

If you live on Bear or Pine Islands on Lake Winnipesaukee, then you know Frank Raffaele. Frank has been greeting boaters who launch at Lovejoy Sands Boat Ramp for over ten years. He is there to make sure only clean, drained, and dry boats find their way into the lake. He knows it only takes one dirty boat to change the lake so many love, forever.

Frank is one of nearly 700 Lake Hosts throughout the state who serve as our lakes’ frontline of defense against the spread of aquatic invasive plants and animals. Most of the boaters he encounters know the drill. They understand why he is there and they appreciate his service, too.

Occasionally, an uncooperative boater will arrive at the ramp. This is when Frank can really shine. This past summer, one boater was reluctant to have his boat inspected, but Frank knew what to do. He was able to find common ground with that boater through their shared military service—after a nice chat, the boater allowed Frank to inspect his boat.

What is it about this work that keeps Frank coming back every summer for over a decade? Why is he giving up beautiful summer days away from family and friends to stand watch at a boat ramp? Frank explains it this way:

“I was bit by a bug called ‘lake life’ years ago. It attached to my red blood cells and never left,” Frank recalled. “It’s like a pheromone!”

Frank is just one of the many special people, like you, who understand our lakes can’t take care of themselves. The NH LAKES community is full of people who know we must act today so we can enjoy our lakes tomorrow.

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