NH LAKES named a 2023 Champion in Action by Citizens Bank and the New Hampshire Union Leader

Good News for Our Lakes!

Concord, N.H., February 7, 2023 – NH LAKES, a nonprofit organization whose urgent mission is to restore and preserve the health of the state’s 1,000 lakes and ponds, has been named a 2023 Champion in Action by Citizens and the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The recognition, a Citizens initiative for 20 years, comes with significant promotional and volunteer support, and a $35,000 unrestricted grant, which will give NH LAKES a megaphone to raise awareness about the threats our lakes are facing at this critical tipping point.

“We want to congratulate our community for making this happen—this award truly belongs to, and is because of them,” said Andrea LaMoreaux, NH LAKES President. “NH LAKES is a publicly-supported nonprofit organization, but more importantly, it is a community of people who are taking care of our lakes.”

This is the first year the Champion in Action Award was given for Environmental Sustainability. NH LAKES received this recognition because of the work done by its community of supporters and program participants on behalf of the state’s lakes over the past several years. Since 1992, through the organization’s Lake Host courtesy boat inspection program, more than 1.4 million boaters have learned from NH LAKES employees and volunteers how to clean, drain, and dry their boats, trailers and gear to prevent the spread of invasive species, which can devastate the health, and enjoyment of our lakes. Through NH LAKES’ LakeSmart Program, in just a few years, hundreds of property owners throughout the state have taken action to live in a more lake-friendly way, reducing the amount of pollution their properties and daily activities contribute to our lakes.

“But, our lakes need more champions,” explains Bruce Freeman, NH LAKES Board Chair. “During the past three summers, our lakes have experienced a record number of toxic bacteria blooms, endangering the health of people, dogs, and wildlife. Last summer alone, 46 public health advisories issued for 36 lakes and one river, advising people to stay out of the water, and to keep their kids and dogs out, too, for fear of becoming seriously ill.”

“The health of New Hampshire’s lakes is at a tipping point,” added LaMoreaux. “This award and recognition from Citizens couldn’t have come at a better time. The recognition and support will help us recruit more champions for our lakes and will grow our statewide community caring for the health of our lakes.”

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